•  Learn which course(s) have excessive absences and need to be recovered

  • Learn how many hours of attendance recovery are needed to restore credit for the course(s)

  • Track the number of attendance recovery hours that have been earned and/or  applied to recover the course(s)

Both students and parents/guardians can access the AHHS Attendance Recovery App.  However, the app will only work properly if the instructions to use students' FWISD STUDENT EMAIL ACCOUNT is followed no matter who is attempting to use the app.

STEP 1 - Click HERE to access the online application from any device. 


STEP 2 - Enter the student FWISD email address in the initial log-in screen.  

                     Example: (s+ student's ID number +


                     YOU CANNOT USE A PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)! See "NOTE" below.


STEP 3 - Students must retrieve the pin number that must be used to access their private

                     attendance information by checking their school email for an email that was sent by the

                     app.  Parents, please ask your students to check their email and communicate the pin

             number to you.  (Students can check their FWISD email at

             using their standard FWISD log-in credentials.)


Once logged in, users will continue to have access to the app on the device that was used to log in.


NOTE: Unfortunately, the attendance app WILL allow you log in even if you do not follow instructions.  If you log-in using an email address that is not a FWISD student email account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) the app will only show the available dates/times for attendance recovery.  (It will appear that there are no courses that need to be recovered, which is not an accurate representation if you've received an email stating that there are excessive absences.)