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College Planning Overview

9th Grade Year


  • These grades count when applying to college!  Develop strong study skills and organizational habits that will help you now and for the years to come!

  • Apply for scholarships - It's never too early! (

10th Grade Year


  • Get good grades

  • Volunteer – Keep a log of your hours

  • Get involved or stay involved in school activities (quality more important than quantity). Work toward leadership positions.

  • Plan Jr. and Sr. year classes with graduation requirements in mind

  • Consider career plans – take career assessments on Xello

  • Begin thinking about what you want in a college 

  • Start your resume

  • Take the PSAT and practice for ACT/SAT on Khan Academy

  • Continue to apply for scholarships - (

11th Grade Fall


  • Take challenging classes and make good grades

  • Attend College Fair (Sept.)

  • Take PSAT one last time (National Merit)

  • Practice for ACT/SAT

  • Research colleges on Xello

  • Visit colleges

  • Update your resume

  • Stay involved in school activities

  • Continue community service

  • Continue to apply for scholarships - (

11th Grade Spring


  • Take the actual ACT/SAT

  • Visit colleges

  • Potential college athletes: register for NCAA

  • Narrow your college choices

  • Stay in clubs/organizations

  • Community service

  • Continue to apply for scholarships - (

12th Grade Fall


  • Take college preparatory classes

  • Retake ACT/SAT if needed

  • Apply to 3-5 colleges by Thanksgiving

  • Keep track of deadlines

  • Apply for FAFSA ID#

  • Complete FAFSA for financial aid

  • Apply for scholarships

  • Continue with clubs/organizations

  • Volunteer/community service

  • Continue to apply for scholarships - (

12th Grade Spring


  • Apply for scholarships/Know priority deadlines for consideration for scholarships and financial aid

  • Keep your grades strong

  • Continue to apply for scholarships - (

  • Select your college by May 1

  • Be aware of deadlines to submit deposits
    for housing

  • Graduate!

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