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Progression Plans - 

A Progression Plan is an outline of the student's high school courses, ensuring the student meets all graduation requirements and they have the opportunity to plan out the elective courses they wish to take. Special focus is put on the planning the next academic year. 



AHHS School Counselors will work with current 9th through 11th grade students to update their Progression Plans between October 16th and February 9th.  If you would like to participate with your student in this process, please contact your student's counselor. 

The most current FWISD course catalog can be found here.  It provides you with a description of each course and lists any pre-requisites.  Please keep in mind that not all courses in the catalog are offered at AHHS.  Please visit this page for a list of courses offered at AHHS:

9th Grade Course Offerings

10th - 12th Grade Course Offerings

Course Requests -

Students (and parents) will be asked to review their course requests during late February.


Schedule Changes - Deadline TBD

The MASTER SCHEDULE is based on student course requests, therefore, only schedule change requests based upon the list below will be considered:

  • Student has previously earned credit for a course that is scheduled. 

  • Student does not have the prerequisite(s) for a class on the schedule.

  • Student failed a graduation required course. 

  • Student has been dismissed from a program. 

  • Student has graduation requirements that has not yet been met. (and cannot be taken a different year)

  • Student does not have a full schedule.  (8 periods)

  • A data entry error has occurred. 

  • Student needs remedial course work. 









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