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To earn credit for a course, students must be in attendance 90% of the time the course is offered.  Students who are absent more than 10% of the time the class is offered will be denied credit.  This includes unexcused AND excused absences.  

In some situations, student can attend "Recovery" to make up days they missed.  Attendance Recovery for the Spring 2023 semester is as follows:  (Attendance Recovery ends on May 13th)

Attendance Restoration.GIF

Saturday Schools

Sat Schools.JPG

How many absences do I need to make up?


If you want to know about your attendance, access this link -

When you press 'Ctrl and the F key', you will be able to type in your student ID number. For each of your classes where you did not have perfect attendance, you  be able to see if and how many hours may have to be made-up in Attendance Restoration. If you are unable to find any information for yourself, then at the time this report was pulled, you had PERFECT attendance in ALL your classes :)

If needed, this link provides information on where you can go to make up time.

The plan is to have this spreadsheet updated over the weekend so you will have access to up-to-date numbers every Monday morning.

Please keep in mind, adjustments are constantly being made based on any approved appeals and time already served being applied.

Reviewing your attendance in Focus for the current semester will provide you the most up-to-date information.


Option 2

Students are responsible for monitoring their attendance AND the number of hours they have in attendance restoration/recovery.  

To determine the number of hours needed to make up:

  • While in Focus, click on the three stacked lines at the top right corner then select Attendance (last item)

  • Under ‘Report Timeframe’, change the first date to 01/01/2023, then hit ‘update’

  • Look at the 2nd column: ‘Absences’

IF you have been with us for the entire Spring 2023 semester, subtract (4) from each class’ absence. Whatever is remaining represents the number of Attendance Restoration hours you (your student) will have to make up.  Please note that students who enrolled in a course after January 4th (this includes schedule changes) will have a different number of allowable absences.


If excessive absences are the result of documented, extenuating circumstances, parents/guardians may choose to submit an appeal to the Attendance Appeal Committee.  Please pickup a paper of the Appeal in the attendance office and please return the paper copy of the Appeal with all documentation to the attendance office. 


Students who return for the 2023-2024 school year will have one final opportunity to submit an attendance appeal during the first grading period of the new school year. 


If you have additional questions regarding attendance, please reach out to the Assistant Principal  over attendance, Mrs. Poullard at

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